Yay! I won!


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Well, if finishing means you won, then I did! Fifty-thousand two-hundred thirty-seven words and I’m done.

Well, the first draft is, anyway. Now I have something to work with so I’m off to make the book actually be readable.

Hope you all had great Thanksgivings!

6 thoughts on “Yay! I won!

  1. Jaye, thanks! Twenty thousand words in one day–you can do it if you don’t sleep…but something tells me you want it to be coherant! Good luck knocking out half–you can do at least half.

    Susan, thanks so very much for your comment. That is sweet of you to encourage me. It’s amazing how much a little phrase from someone you admire can mean!

    Madhu, same goes to you–thinking it’s a gold nugget–you’ll soon see how gritty it is!

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