State of the Union…

Can things be this bad?

It’s so hard to imagine that the financial world is about to crumble.

It’s hard to figure out who is smart, dumb or greedy.

How do you know who is telling the truth who really knows the truth and who is just using the most sensational aspects of the truth for their own gain?

I watched an old-school republican on tv the other day–I can’t remember the guy’s name or the channel, but even though I disagreed with his entire political past, he was so reverent to his panel-mates. He had his opinions, but never shot a look of disdain, called anyone an asshole or even indicated that he didn’t respect the others. And I fell in love a little.

No seriously, no, I didn’t fall in love. But it was so refreshing to see someone with class who really seemed to care about what was happening, worried about the country, not his next photo-op.

Where are the rest of these people? Are they all dead except for this one guy whose name I can’t even recall? 

There must be more, we must find them…we must find them.

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