Go Team Go!!!


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…To be young means
To be all on edge, to be held waiting in
A packed lounge for a Personal Call
From Long Distance, for the low voice that
Defines one’s future. The fears we know
Are of not knowing…

–WH Auden–The Age of Anxiety

So, my children’s lives, filled with fun activities, at times don’t feel so fun to them. But good lessons are learned in the center of angst–"How will I know when I swim?" "Will I make it to the end?" "Will I ever stop shivering from this cold?"

How else does a person learn that there is always, always an end to anxiety–at least a lessening of it if you have some control–even a little bit over your existence.

The key is forging a life that you create yourself, that even when its impacted by things out of your control, there is a kernel of strength buried inside.

And sometimes, you must be forced to learn the lesson…swim the race, finish what you started. And then we can talk.

2 thoughts on “Go Team Go!!!

  1. Brings back memories; first job, first date, first time driving with a license instead of a learner’s permit. Even the bad things (first layoff, first rejection, first accident) have something to offer.

    No other way to do it, teach ’em and throw ’em in. They’ll do fine.

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