Go Penguins…

I’m in the midst of watching the Penguin game. No, actually, I’m not because it’s bad luck when I watch. Seriously, the end of the game is laid out in blood once I tune into the game. I’ve tried every time segment imaginable and no matter what, the proof shows, I’m horrible luck for the sweet old Penguins.

So, how do I explain to my kids that I can’t watch a game on television because somehow my very being affects the results of a game being played by a horde of men in another state. Yeah, that makes a ton of sense. But, still. I’m bad luck and I will not be party to another loss!!!


3 thoughts on “Go Penguins…

  1. Kathie, I guess you could do what I did when I reluctantly went to see The Exorcist with my friends. I kept my eyes closed when I was supposed to be looking at the screen and opened them when I talked to my friends. I saw no projectile vomiting, head spinning, nothing–and no one ever knew! If you try this technique, your kids might think you’re strange. Then again, when they get older, they’ll think you’re weird no matter what you do!

    Woohoo, we won!! Go Pens!

  2. Great advice, Judy…except that I believe my bad luck is conveyed by merely being in the room with the game on. My eyes on the TV may have nothing to do with it. I can’t risk the experiment at this stage of things…Yay, is right.

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