Fat Friday


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Oh, my this picture stinks! I’m still twelve pounds thinner, but my knees are looking fatter in this photo!! This is the problem with self-portraits–perspective when shooting.

Oh well. After taking a week to recover from the nuclear stomach virus that’s rounding Oakmont, I went back to the Chiseler. I have to say, the prison gym set-up suits me. Not that I’d like a lifetime membership to the real thing, but it’s impossible not to work until sick to your stomach…and what’s the measure of a workout other than being nauseated?

Anyway, NEXT week should mean the shedding of more pounds. If the Chiseler has anything to say about it, anyway.

5 thoughts on “Fat Friday

  1. I admire your spunk! Anyone that can lose weight is aces in my book. I seem to maintain by merit of just not eating much during the day. I have a fair metabolism, but I have to be careful if my dad is any measuring stick.

  2. It’s wonderful you’ve lost 12 pounds, Kathie! I’ll bet you feel terrific! I’m happy when my weight is down one-twelfth of a pound (of course, to lose any more than that, I’d have to give up half-n-half). Have a great weekend!

  3. I admire you too, Kathie. I keep thinking that I ought to send you a picture of my knees to really cheer you up, but nothing could compel me to go that far. I’ve lost eight pounds so far!

  4. Thanks struggling writer–you’re kind not to dwell on the negative–the fact I’m stuck!!!

    Scott, thanks to you, too. If only family history was that big a predictor. I’d weigh 110 poounds.

    Judy, thanks so much–I need one of those scales that measures every ounce, though that could be depressing, too.

    Mary, Yay! Eight pounds! Keep it up and perhaps you can send a photo of your elbow…

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