So, it’s NOT good to live in Pittsburgh…

Not if you’re looking for a spouse or the love of your life and you’re over sixteen.

According to this article in the Post-Gazette called Match Game, the only people in Pittsburgh who don’t have trouble dating are under 21 and can be found dancing on tabletops at what used to be called CJ Barneys in Oakland.

Just the fact I don’t know the new name of the bar tells me I’m lucky I’m not on the prowl for a good man at my age.

The article confuses me a little because I know that Allegheny county is the oldest county in the country (sometimes we’re ahead of Dade County FL and sometimes we’re a smidge behind) so isn’t it just a matter of shaking up the dating pool and viewing your prospects as a little more elderly, but alive nonetheless???

If you live in Pittsburgh and end up with a wealthy geezer no one can claim you a gold-digger because you have statistics on your side.  Apparently there’s no one to date in Pittsburgh except for those on the other side of their mid-life crises.

But the article punches holes in that theory too because they cite the plight of a 75 year-old woman who never married and is still on the market.  I know there’s a thirty-year-old somewhere looking to settle down with a mature woman.  So what if it’s way down? She sounds awesome and I mean that.

Don’t get your blue hair all mussed up over this.

I think it’s important for a city to fail in a category or two or everyone will start wishing ill-will upon us and we can’t have that.  We need another super bowl before hordes of people start spitting at their tv’s every time the Steelers pop up.

And if you’re looking to date someone in your own age range then just do what the rest of us have, move away for awhile, get married then strong arm the spouse into returning to the “greatest place to raise children in the world.” That’s just how things work.


10 thoughts on “So, it’s NOT good to live in Pittsburgh…

  1. I don’t think there’s anywhere good for dating for an older woman. I’m in my late 50’s and it seems like all the men my age are following in Clooney’s footsteps and going for women who could be their daughters. Sigh!

  2. Aw, sweetie, regarding your last paragraph…if it were only so easy, but the truth is once you have kids and a decent relationship with your ex, there isn’t a chance of moving away. Besides, it shouldn’t have to be that way. I swear I look around and think, “okay – 50% of you should be divorced like me — looking…looking…nothing.” Or you get the guys checking you out because you’re checking them out. Then you realize they’re married and the only reason they’re looking at you is b/c you’re looking at them and they’re thinking “hey, cool, I’m married and chicks still check me out.”

    I’m with Anti-wife on the big sigh. And I did have to laugh about the references to online dating in the article…

  3. Anti-wife, if it’s any consolation, I have two friends married to men at least a decade younger than they are. In both cases, they are very happy, solid marriages. An ex-colleague of mine was 17 years younger than his wife, and they were a great couple. True, a lot of men seem to go for women decades younger than they are, but the opposite can happen.

    But in the meantime, I think Dana ought to start an import service…

  4. Hey, I’d like to bring up a new topic. Anyone read in the Post Gazette (Monday, Oct 8, Magazine) about women NOT dying their hair? 65 Percent of women dye, it was 7 percent in teh 50’s. I must admit I don’t dye my hair and have various reasons. anyone else want to weigh in?

  5. Jennifer, I do dye my hair to give it some sort of shimmer. It seems after I had kids my hair turned darker, then darker into what I like to call the flat-stink-of-death brown. No life. So, I’m happily being back to a brunette after various forms of blondish highlights…just a “richer” brunette!

  6. Yeah, I know what you mean, by a richer brunette. I keep looking for that in shampoos. But I just can’t bring myself to dye my hair. Gray is as gray does.

  7. really carn’t understand why some ladies dont try tinting there hair befor they knock it .gray hair is fine but why not stay a bit younger looking and brighter for a little longer.

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