Old Shows, New Life

Well, I’m short on thoughts for posting today, so I figure I might as well show you how strange I am as a means of taking up cyber-space.

As I’ve said before, when I write, I put the TV on as background noise.  One of the best purveyors of white noise is the Lifetime Movie Channel.  It’s as though I’ve seen each and every movie before and can, therefore, basically ignore it.

Well, something brought my attention to the Hallmark Channel where I nearly collapsed with joy to find several of my favorite old TV shows looping all day, everyday. 

Little House on the Prairie and,


Murder She Wrote.

I can’t get enough of these two shows and I don’t know what exactly that says about me, but I suspect it’s unflattering.

I can’t help it.  These shows are perfect for writing behind. 

And, I’ve discovered a new show–The Waltons!

My God, that show is witty and queer and fantastic in every way.

Unlike the family of my childhood viewing–the Brady Bunch–the Waltons actually, sort of, act like a real family.  They beat the hell out of each other–okay, John Boy is always there to breathe sense into his sibs–experiment with ouiji boards, explore infertility, death, poverty and all the while have a lot of damn fun along the way.

What is wrong with me????  I mean in terms of my TV viewing habits, we don’t have to go into what’s the matter with the rest of me.

But, I adore these sappy, clean, neatly wrapped up shows as much as things like the Sopranos. 

I guess I’m just easy.

9 thoughts on “Old Shows, New Life

  1. I love The Waltons! (Murder she wrote? Not so much.) I watched two episodes of Little House yesterday (our PBS airs it) and….drumroll…LAWRENCE WELK! The camera panned across the LW audience and I said, “I see dead people!” One of LW’s male singers was wearing a super loud floral suit. It was AWESOME.

  2. I haven’t seen an episode of The Walton’s in years, but if I recall correctly, that series was pretty highly regarded, quality-wise. It won a handful of Emmy’s, I believe. I’ll have to check it out to see how it stands up today.

    Obscure trivia — Grandma Walton makes a brief appearance in “It’s a Wonderful Life,” in the scene where the townspeople all want to remove their money from the Building & Loan. She’s the woman who tells Jimmy Stewart that she can “get by on $17.50.”

  3. Rembering the Waltons always gets to me. I compare the reality of my own family with their happy, good, almost-believable t.v. version and find my own family sadly lacking.

  4. Gee we have the same TV tastes. Hubs hates my TV tastes, and he hates it when I watch Little House re-runs. At least MSW is on late at night when everyone else is asleep. =)

  5. You’re getting all soft and mushy in your old age! This coming from the woman who has been known to cry during Hallmark and McCormick spice commercials. 🙂

    I used to love Little House as a child…I feel a nostalgic tear welling up in my eye.

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