I’m sorry to do this to you…

but in the process of showing you the most perfect purse ever designed, I must also show you Britney Spears’s underpants.

I have a purse fetish.  And a couch one, but since one can only have so many couches to her name, the purse one is much more readily satisfied.

But, I’m at a loss at to whether old Brit purchased this baby at Wal-Mart or Prada.  Oh, I know it’s not a Prada, but it looks way too substantial to be a lead-laden chop-job from China.

Anyway, a girl can dream.

The second material item I’d like to share with you all is the latest in toys being recalled by Mattel and its underling companies.

Let me say that just about every item shown as well as the slew of Thomas the Train toys that are slathered in brain-shrinking lead paint have been in my kids’ mouths at some point in the last six years. 

Unlike my fear that my kids will be snacked upon by sharks in the ocean (we only go to the beach once a year for a week) I’ve totally ignored this entire toy situation and pushed any worry that my kids were intended to be geniuses and the lead has rendered them merely average, from my mind.

I’m damn proud of myself. 

Not that I didn’t throw that Barbie and her crapping dog out with today’s garbage, but I’m not worrying about it.  I mean, I’m not going crazy here.  Maybe I’m actually going sane for the time being.

Imagine that.

6 thoughts on “I’m sorry to do this to you…

  1. So that’s what Britney Spears looks like — first time I’ve ever seen her, believe it or not! Frankly, I don’t feel I’ve been too deprived, considering. But you are right: that’s a great bag. I love a good leather bag, with all sorts of compartments and useful places to put things. I wish one of us had it instead; I’m sure we deserve it more. She can keep the underpants.

    Good for you, Kathie, not obsessing about the lead in that paint! A couple of years ago I discovered that the pipes to our house — an old Victorian — are made of lead. If I don’t run the water like fury before taking a drink, I freak out. I can’t get the kids or my husband to do this, though, and it drives me nuts! I think I need a good dose of your common sense.

  2. Makes you wonder if that’s why the rates of autism have risen so in western nations…all the lead in our things.

    That IS a nice purse (and I don’t mean that in a crude sort of way, heh) and I’m not a purse person. I have requirements for purses and my biggest is that it not look like I could shoplift hams in there.

  3. We, too, continue to be proud owners of the lead-painted James engine and tender and the red Sodor mail car.

    Who’s gonna tell my boy that we have to take away his James? Not me, matey, that’s for sure.

  4. When my kid sister was a wee one, she ate half the bars on her crib – literally, wood, paint and all. As old as we are, that had to be lead paint. She’s brilliant and a college teacher. Go figure!

  5. Mary, yes, that’s old Brit, there. I really do feel bad for her…but that purse. I love it.
    Becky, that’s hilarious, the shoplifting hams. You could do that easily with the Brit-Bag featured in that photo. I normally carry small purses because if too big, they act more as garbage cans than vessels for a wallet and cell-phone, but there’s something just so appealing about purses to my eye.
    Jaye, paint off walls–that’s heavy duty and the poo, I managed to escape that one, unbelievably so!
    Bob, I had the same issue with James the train. For two years that train never left my son’s hands–the tender in one hand the train in the other–he even slept with it. Of course red was his favorite color…and it looks as though red’s the color most infused with lead.
    Anti-wife, she ate the wood bars on the crib, huh? She had things to do and people to see, I guess. I wonder of some of the effects have to with an individual’s chemical makeup as much as the fact there’s lead present???

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