These are racy photos?????

Amy Palumbo–beauty Queen and blackmail victim just showed all the photos in question on the Today Show.  I’ll try to link to them, but they aren’t up yet.  Let me say, these photos are as tame as wild could be.

If my daughter leaves college with only these photos haunting her, I’ll be ecstatic.  I’m not saying some of them didn’t make me cringe a bit and I don’t love these, but she’s fully clothed in every one of them, even her Halloween costumes are “okay.”  Put it this way, in the Halloween ones she’s wearing more than old Paris Hilton wears any day of the week and more than Britney when she’s hauling her kids all over LA.

If this girl can’t continue on the pagent circuit because of these, well, then America is more hypocritical than I imgagine. 

I’ll search for the photos and add them at the end as an update once they post somewhere…

Have a good day and keep those naughty photos underwraps people.  I suppose that’s rule number one for the youth of today– FOR THE LOVE OF GOD JUNIOR ENOUGH WITH THE INTERNET PHOTOS–IF YOU CAN’T INCLUDE THEM IN THE HOLIDAY BRAG LETTER THEN DON’T POST THE SUCKERS ANYWHERE!  Oh yeah, and just quit acting like a moron while you’re at it.

UPDATE:  Here’s the video of Amy on the Today Show–Fast forward a bit and experience the tameness…

4 thoughts on “These are racy photos?????

  1. Hey Anti-wife…thanks so much for checking in! I provided an update and you can see the tame photos. I have to agree a photo of Pitt or Clooney would def. be a step up in interesting from these.

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