Rock of Love–Oh My God, No, Don’t Do That

Don’t do this show any longer.  I can’t take it. And as most of you know, I love reality TV, nearly any sort, if the time is right, but I think I need a fifth of Vodka and some little pills to watch this mess.

Oh, wait, that’s half the problem with the show.  My oh my, I haven’t seen so much guzzling since Tower A at the University of Pittsburgh.

I sort of dig Bret Michaels.  He’s from Butler–just north of Pittsburgh–and I must admit, his music stands the test of time.  But, these girls have no shame.

Seriously. I’m all for nudity.  I think it can be very funny when it’s done right.  But naked girls acting slutty in the hopes it turns Brett’s head is just unwatchable.  Okay, I can’t get to the remote so technically I’m doing the impossible–watching it. 

It’d be fine if the girls simply preferred to be nude and or in protest of social mores, threw convention into the whiskey-fouled air and offered their clothing up for puke-rags.  But this is a strange kind of showing off or some new mating ritual developed on another planet.  I have no idea what’s happening on this show and how they think they’ll snap up a hubby after all this.  Or this is the first concrete piece of evidence I’m old.

Oh well, I suppose someone out there loves this crap.  I just think it’d be more interesting if they threw in a few bookish types to shake things up–or calm things down, toss in a little reading of Edith Wharton or something. 



2 thoughts on “Rock of Love–Oh My God, No, Don’t Do That

  1. Kathie, I had NO IDEA that Bret Michaels was from Butler. (For those who don’t know: I grew up in Butler and live here now.) He’s a few years older than I am, and I didn’t go to the local high school, so I can blame that for the fact that I completely missed his Butlerosity.

    Given the scarcity of famous Butler natives, I’m shocked that it’s taken me this long to come up to speed.

    It may be worthy of note that the press release for the show says that Brett is looking for a woman who can keep up with his “rock and roll lifestyle.” So it would make sense that the girls would want to show off their “rocking bods.”

    Whether this makes for good TV is a different question. 🙂

  2. Hey Cindy, I’m stunned to hear you were unaware of Bret’s roots in Butler, PA. I agree, Bret needs a woman who can withstand the rock lifestyle, but even the wildest rockers marry someone who has some sort of decorum. NOw, as far as good TV goes, I fear my age is showing and there is a group of people loving the show who find the show not that shocking. It’s not the showing off of a body that bothers me, it’s that they seem to be auditioning for a job at Pornos R Us rather than getting to know someone. And I can’t imagine that even the rockiest rocker can forget the vision of his wife, but how would I know, right?

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