Are the Philippinoes onto something?????

Check out this video of prisoners in the Philippines.

 I kind of like it.  I mean, when you look at the video and see the sheer number of prisoners performing Thriller as though they’re getting out of jail tomorrow and the paparazzi are waiting to snap their picture for Us Magazine, it’s really quite stunning.

What do you think?

PS, if I’ve spelled or used “Philippinoes” incorrectly, just give me the Dan Quayle award of the week. 

5 thoughts on “Are the Philippinoes onto something?????

  1. Melo villareal….oh my, I knew I was spelling it wrong and believe it or not I even googled it spelled incorrectly three ways and it came up mostly in the way I spelled it here! Ugh, that sucks, no hard feelings. For me, spelling is one of those things that exists in the outer edges of my brain and I can’t tell you how many times I google ordinary words because I know something looks wrong and I can’t for the life of me figure out what’s wrong with the spelling. I suppose a good humbling is necessary every once in a while.

    Anyway, Jaye, I don’t know about their process of selection, but they’ve seemed to have nailed the casting.
    Anti, I know, it’s new and different, that’s for sure.

    Sorry for the spelling, again!

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