How’s this for an ego boost?

This…is fantastic to see because it’s human nature to want the rest of the world to be as plain as you are.

Okay, Faith Hill is still stunning even without the Redbook Photoshop situation, but boy, she’s a hell of a lot more ordinary than the finished cover implies.


7 thoughts on “How’s this for an ego boost?

  1. Wow. I worked in advertising for forever though, so I’m not surprised. I’ve retouched the hell out of people. A friend of mine worked for the agency that handled ABC and kept having to send back photos of Barbara Walters. By the time they were done she looked like she was 14. Scary.

  2. Unbelievable. I knew this happened, but really to that extent and on a magazine that is targeted to middle-aged moms, wow! I made my thirteen year old look at it. That is the age that needs to know about this stuff. All that said…I’d like to touch up a few photos of my own…especially the crows feet.

  3. Hey, everyone, thanks for the comments.
    Anti, I agree, there should be some sort of device that rains down that fuzzy stuff taht used to make Cybil Shepard look 22 on her show with Bruce Willis.

    Jaye, it is similar, but you never quite believe the extent of the photoshop until you see it. I think it’s because we usually see the people dressed to the nines–though Us and Star etc. have changed that somewhat. It doesn’t matter because these people look fantastic anyway and good for them.

    Jamie, I can’t believe you are party to the perpetuation of this phoney baloney standard of beauty!! Just kidding. What fun though, to do your job. I wish I had some artist in me so that I could get that kind of job. I just think it’d be fun.

    Kathy, glad you showed your daughter the pics. It’s so important girls understand this standard is bizarre. It can be fun to partake in this world as long as you keep perspective, I guess.

  4. Let me say, Faith, you’re beautiful and to the advertising/magazine publishing world: you suck. If Faith’s arm, back and butt need girth removed, they’d really have to work double overtime on me.

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