So, I blogged some more serious stuff the last week or so because I figured that instead of holding back the things that move me just because they are heavier than my usual cafe fare and then not blogging at all because it actually makes me disgusted with myself that big things are happening and I’m worried about underwearless chicks in Hollywood, I decided to blog about the depressing stuff that has no answers.

Seriously, if Britney goes comando and photographers get an  unbecoming shot of her cooch there’s an easy solution that everyone sees–pull on some panties, sister.  There, problem solved.

Anyway, I think the decision to blog through the things that bother me was a good one even if it drew fewer comments–that also might be because I wasn’t there to respond as much…sorry for the stream of conciousness (spelling?) 

So, we’ve arrived back to silliness and I’ll just tell you, I’m going to give you a view into the US Open in the coming week.  Or at least a view into the traffic related to the event.  How’s that for heavy-hitting?

I did have dinner with Phil Mickleson a couple of weeks ago.  He keeps saying he injured his wrist in the Church Pews or something, but the injury ocurred when I batted his hand away from the bread basket at the Memorial Day Picnic buffet.  Really, he can’t have everything to himself, can he? 



7 thoughts on “CRAP, I GOT NOTHING…

  1. Hey Kathie I feel your confusion about what to blog about. Sometimes I try an inspirational piece thinking it is near genius and every mother will weep at her computer. This will get like 2 comments. Then I’ll do something that feels like crap and I get a bunch of comments. And how about all those people that don’t comment. Rocks in my Dryer has a survey on her blog today and it shows who reads her and how many don’t comment. Bloggyland is an interesting place.

    Have fun at the Open. My husband is marshalling the 17th hole…so I’m a golf widow for like four days. Nice.

  2. It’s true that you never know what’s going to resonate out there in comment-land. One morning, in a fit of desperation, I threw out the lyrics to a Thomas the Tank Engine song that had been running through my head non-stop for days. That single, pointless entry has generated dozens of comments and emails from every corner of the globe.

    And the posting that I roused myself out of bed at 2 in the morning because it HAD TO BE POSTED THEN AND THERE because of its complete and total awesomeness which was going to vault me to the toppermost of the poppermost of the blogosphere? Two comments.

  3. Don’t be alarmed by the lack of comments. It could be a number of things, including the fact people don’t want to publicly take a stand on an issue, or are embarrassed they might come across as not understanding it. I admit to using both of those excuses at times. Celebrity drama, on the other hand, is pretty easy for people to interpret and laugh at (for the majority of celeb stories). I agree, though, it is strange/sad that our interest is skewed towards the inane. I was flying back from a business trip today and there on Headline News in the waiting area was not the war, not elections or rescues or even the weather. For nearly an hour it showed OJ-ish footage of the police car transporting Paris back to court.

    (Sorry, gotta sign off and watch the breaking news about Paris on E!)

  4. Thanks Kathy, Bob, and Susan! Your well thought comments made my day. And Dana, my friend, I will not throw a punch your way for mentioning old Paris. I must have had twelve conversations about her over the weekend as though she lived down the street and was causing havoc in my own life.

    Susan, it looks like it won’t be too hot for your husband, at least that’s what the forecast indicates at this point. Maybe you’ll catch him on TV??? Bill is coordinating the standard-bearers so I won’t be seeing him much. He’s got some trailer up there–air conditioned I’m sure. I asked if I could sit in there every once in a while. He said “let me think about that…no, you can’t.” Uh, what???? So goes life, huh?

  5. I wrote something silly about gardening in my blog — describing my struggles with Montbretia, actually — and got a whole slew of comments on it. Sometimes I think that the more bland and insipid posts get far more comments than posts that are about controversial subjects. I was thrilled to have comments on my Montbretia post of course, but I would prefer to have plenty of comments on my more ‘thoughtful’ blog posts. No doubt writing comments to controversial blog postings requires more thought and effort, whereas almost all of us can come up with something about weeding without thinking too much about it.

  6. I wrote something about the demise of my vacuum cleaner…very popular…nuanced politics…not so much discussion but my readers subscriptions go up…some just like to watch…:)

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