The Open is Open…

WEll, almost, anyway.  We had a little Oakmont gig with Bill Deasy–who was fantastic.  He was the lead singer for the Gathering Field, but is now solo and an author.  His sister lives up the street from us so it was fun.  Nothing like small town, blocking off the roads type stuff.

Anyway, as promised I’m giving a birds-eye view of the Open.  We’ll see what exactly that means as the week goes on.

So far, there’s NO traffic.  Lots of people blew out of town so it’s ghosty, sort of for now.  I realize I’m in denial, that tomorrow I might take the Hulton Bridge, but for now I’m thinking things aren’t so bad.

Second, Tiger worked out at my gym the other day.  His sweat next to mine.  Can you imagine?  Well, you don’t have to go there because I wasn’t there to mix bodily fluids, but still it’s a cool thing, no?  No, I realize it’s stupid, but I’m trying to get into the Open frame of mind here.

Third, The Sopranos ended very weirdly, but I suppose that’s the point.

Fourth, as per comments  in the prior post, I must say I’m glad Paris is doing her time. 

Fifth and back to the Open…did you know there is a train parked in town that will be here all week and it’s essentially a hotel.  How cool is that.  I’d love to at least get a look inside.  And I must say, I wonder who the hell is staying there. 

Oh, and I’m not so sure about this John from Cincinatti show…not sure at all.


5 thoughts on “The Open is Open…

  1. Tiger as in Tiger Woods? Even I have heard of Tiger Woods, and I am mightily impressed!

    I shook Bobby Kennedy’s hand some ten days before he was assassinated. And I once held the door open for a woman and as she walked through I realized she was Angela Davis. There — those are my only two claims to fame!

  2. I’m not sure I’ll even watch John from Cincinatti. I watched John Tucker (?) Must Die, but I’m a sucker for high school genre movies and shows. Like it, I must say. I thought about the Sopranos ending. I think they didn’t want to end in tragedy for the purposes of maybe making a movie of it some day. How about the Leotardo demise, huh? Ouch. For a moment I was cringing and thinking they would show it.

  3. Okay, my Starbucks was crowded this morning and the guy said it was because of the Open. I live like 45 minutes from Oakmont! Are these golf fanatics going to tie up my morning fix all week? Speaking of the hotel/train, my husband had to find a hotel for some business associates coming to town. They are paying $350 a night for a hotel in Greentree. Man, I could have housed them, given them breakfast, and made some cash. Maybe it isn’t too late. Hubby could pass out flyers as he’s marshalling…”Lodging Cheap…close to Starbucks…not the Open”

  4. Mary, shaking Kennedy’s hand just days before his death. That is something…must have been shocking after he died so close to your meeting him.

    Scott, in the first half hour, John from Cincin didn’t grab me, but that may be because I was chuckling at Dillon from 90210 playing–well–Dillon now from 90431 or something like that. I’m going to give it a chance, though.

    Kathy, I bet with your laundry facilities alone you could house a few guys in there and for an extra 200 per night do a few loads of laundry. I can’t believe you were clogged up because of the Open…I’m about to post on that now…

  5. I love claim to fames, like your almost sweaty encounter with Tiger Woods. It’s kind of like when my friend’s insane family member bought Ricky Riccardo’s tour bus (at least I think it was her and it was his bus). I have to live vicariously through others…even your near misses.

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