American Idol Gives Back

This season of AI has been disappointing in a lot of ways.

Not in terms of the top three girls, but overall the season’s lacked drama–the Sanjaya thing didn’t grab me either way.

LaKisha, Melinda, and Jordon are fantastic, but the others pale in their presence.  I didn’t always agree with prior years’ standings, I’ve always had my favorites, but it was more about me liking someone’s looks better or another’s style appealing to me more.  But these three women are so much better than everyone else talent-wise, that I can barely watch most of them.  IMO, not humble, I guess.

Anyway, the Idol Gives Back is moving to me and important.  People are already yapping about the fact the giving back is going to Africa, but the program also benefits Americans who need it.  I don’t know why people want to say such negative stuff.  I heard some guy in my office away from home–the coffee shop–say it’s an underhanded or back door way to even more commericalism.  People complain about Angelina Jolie and others who adopt at a fast rate from places that aren’t ideal–aren’t American.

While I’d like to see Angelina add an American in need to her brood, I only see good in what she and others do.  I know things can go wrong, that celebs can be bad people and just because they do things like adopt from impoverished places doesn’t mean they’re the best people in the world, but the people who do this, are doing more than a lot of us.

They’re certainly doing more than a lot of people with whom they trip down the red carpet with on regular basis. 

Any miniscule thing done for someone else–a child, no matter where they live has an impact on the rest of us whether we think so or not.  It might inspire some.  It angers others.  Why?  While the majority of us have no where near what Angelina does, many of us have a lot more than we admit. 

What little thing can each of us do for someone else?  Maybe just smile a bit more, say hi to a stranger, laugh at your child’s spilled milk.  At least I have a floor to spill it on.

Sorry for the melodrama–it must be because it’s the first day without the codeine–oh, ahem, not that I was using the codeine…but we’re all coming out of the tonsilectomy fog over here.  So look for good humor and bras, coming up soon.  Seriously, it’s coming.

And if you can’t adopt someone, love someone who does.  You’ll feel better about the world.

2 thoughts on “American Idol Gives Back

  1. There’s need everywhere – in every corner of the world. I’ve always believed in “think globally, act locally”. But when those outside the local area have no other options, we must all respond.

    I’ve never watched American Idol! Quel Horror! However, I might just watch tonight because what they are doing is a good thing for everyone.

    Thanks for the great post.

  2. Anti-wife, you’ve never seen AI???? Oh my gosh…it is a horror of sorts. Kidding of course. I too love the idea of doing something small, locally rather than donating to a faceless company. But, I just don’t get why anyone would bitch about any sort of charity no matter where it’s going. It’s not like it’s tax money.

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