Computer Illness

Now my computer’s even sick.

But I think it’s better now.  I’m not technologically bright.  I’m one of those people who boasts skills like “people reading” and emotional intelligence.  And since I’m no longer with the CIA, well, none of that does me a lick of good.  Except that I can see my kids heading toward meltdown long before they get there.  But who CAN’T do that?

For two days my computer crashed every five minutes.  I was in full panic when the sucker started to fix itself.  It downloaded some software and did a few other things I can’t remember and voila.  It’s back to normal.

Except it zapped all my “Favorites.”

I have a feeling the computer won’t be retrieving those for me and I have no idea how to call them back.  Oh well, the list was getting too long anyway…The bright side of dimness is always better, right?


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