Well the new year is here and I have to believe it will be a good one.  The weather in Pittsburgh is incredible–that means warm, not sunny and warm, but still it’s been great.  I’m sure that’s about to end.  We can’t live as though in North Carolina all winter.  Though, I’d like to. 

 I had about six ideas for blogging today and how many can I think of right now?  NONE.  I normally make a note in my little pink book, but I didn’t and now I’m stuck.

So here, some celebrity thoughts.  Britney Spears needs to get it together.  Really, I’m pulling for her, but not for much longer.  Where are the kids? 

Every celebrity needs to give up on the idea of going pantyless.  Next time one of your skinny asses thinks “Oh, gee, my dress is fabu, it’s only four inches long, so naturally I should ditch my panties…” please pinch yourself and remember sick internet users are watching your every move.  Perhaps the rich and inclined to go pantyless should invest in a security system that talks to them as they open the door to leave: “Britney, baby, this is a recording.  Got underpants?  No?  Then haul your postpartum ass back in there and pull on a thong at the very least!”  Not that she’s the only offender.

With Saddam (spelling?) and Ford dying fairly close together (I think the timing was that close) I couldn’t help thinking of the two of them in line at the gates of Heaven–waiting for their final assessment.  I mean, what do you say to one another?  Does Ford pull a snub?  Probablly not in the midst of his day of reckoning, but the thought of meeting up with S.H. in the afterworld–in any world–totally creeped me out.

I know, I know, I should install a security system that stops my boring posts.  I’d like to, believe me.

 Anyway, Happy New Year!

5 thoughts on “1/1/07 HAPPY NEW YEAR

  1. Thanks ME! I’m glad you thought it was funny and I hope your holiday was wonderful–your kids must have been so excited. Happy New Year, Jaye!

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