12/6/07 Fussilli Jerry

Well, I was watching Seinfeld the other day and decided that the Fussilli Jerry episode has to rank among the best episodes.  Let me tell you why.

  1. It features “the move,” the sexual technique stolen from Jerry and peddled incorrectly around town by almost everyone on the show including Elaine’s boyfriend, David Puddy.
  2. Well, there’s Puddy.  Any episode he’s in is pretty darn good.  That squinty confused expression of his gets me every time.
  3. “It’s in the vault!”  Is there a better catch-phrase?
  4. George’s feelings get hurt that Jerry shared his sexual move with Puddy and not him–especially in light of him  boring the sexual daylights out of his current honey:  “I’m rubbing sticks together and you’re walking around with a zippo.”
  5. George is having a break down because his mom is “out there” in the dating field with him:  “There’s not enough voltage in the city (or something like that) to revive me if I see you, out there!”
  6. Kramer stops short to keep from wrecking and grabs George’s mother’s boob in the process.  She uses this as leverage to piss off her husband.
  7. Kramer gets the Assman licsence plate
  8. George’s father confronts Kramer for stealing his move–stopping short– and using it with his wife.  George’s father brings the bro/mansierre into the argument before they tussle and George’s father ends up with Fussilli Jerry in his butt.
  9. Puddy develops his own sexual move in which he somehow employs his knuckle.

Seriously,  is there a funnier episode?

3 thoughts on “12/6/07 Fussilli Jerry

  1. I know, Kristine. I’m afraid my writing is peppered with them without even realizing it. I’m pretty sure that’s not the case, but I think I’ve said “it’s in the vault,” before. And actually, I think one of bosses used to say it all the time…not sourcing it to Seinfeld at all.

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