That’s what it feels like to me.

I know it’s corny, but in the football world, Cowher coaching the Steelers for 15 years is a miracle.  And in that weird fan way, I feel like we know the guy.  Partly because he’s from here.  He is Pittsburgh through and through.

And while players come and go and I feel bad when certain people leave from time to time, this guy’s been here a coaching lifetime. 

And I’m sad.

I understand why he’s going.

And I think it’s great for him.

But I can’t get my mind around him coming back and coaching for another team.  And that’s going to happen, I know.  But man, that will suck.  My vote is that he works in television and runs a fantasy football team out of his basement. 

Seeing him on someone else’s sideline, laughing it up with his players, loving what he’s doing, winning for some other city.  That will burn my ass.  But it’s life, isn’t it?

And those Rooneys.  They’ll get the next great one.  Oh please let them.

I would hate for 2007 to be the year the Steelers went to shit and the Penguins left town.

Yes, I know I’m a homer.  Sue me.

2 thoughts on “12/5/07 MY STEELERS ARE ADRIFT

  1. How nice to see another housewife who’s a football fan and proud of it! Are we THAT unusual? Do you feel like the only one sometimes, like I do? Anyway, good to “meet” you — your blog is great!

    Cowher will go elsewhere in a year or two, and that will suck….kinda how we felt when Ditka went to New Orleans! You should get another good one though, with all your team’s tradition. Sorry you guys missed the playoffs this year, but you did have last year, so I’m not THAT sympathetic. 🙂 My Bears are bound to be one-and-done in the playoffs, the way they’ve looked lately — DAGNABBIT!

  2. Hey CC,

    I know you Bears fans love your team. So many things that can wrong or right, huh? Hopefully, you’ll all hang in there! I totally understand your lack of sympathy. I don’t even feel that bad about the playoffs…it’s Cowher leaving. Oh well! BTW Ditka cracks me up–an old Pitt guy, you know…

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