Well, this was exciting…

Jaye prompted me to get off my butt and post my fascinating news!

I was contacted this week by the Montel Williams Show to be part of a political (they wanted an average housewife’s point of view) show. 

They found me by googling Housewife blog and politics.  I came up #4 of 707,000 results!

So I email back and forth with the producer and her assistant, have a few phone conversations, but at the last minute (the last minute according to me–a little over a day before I’d have to fly to NYC–I have a feeling that was equivilent to years in daily TV show time) they changed the format and wouldn’t need me.

Hmmm.  Maybe it was my phone interview?  I’d like to think that they didn’t need me because I just wasn’t average enough…

But the point is, this blogging stuff is something else.  Imagine that, just plug in some words and up comes me.  To think you might not need to “know” someone to get on a show.  That is something.

Jen, the PA told me they’d keep me in their files.  I’d love to see my file.  The permanent file.  Like in high school, I suppose.

Anyway, I was relieved in the end.  I certainly have my opinions on every political issue under the sun.  But this was obviously for the best.  Right?  That’s how I’ll look at it. 

6 thoughts on “Well, this was exciting…

  1. I’d need like two weeks worth of beauty treatments and shopping to prepare for fifteen minutes on TV.

    That’s such an exciting thing to happen, though. Just wait, one day that file will be updated with the words “best seller” and they’ll call again.

  2. M.E., I know, I was really relieved when it didn’t work out. I didn’t think I should pass up the opportunity and I know I would have had fun once there, but it made life a lot less complicated in about two seconds!

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