When is a meeting NOT a meeting?

When 20 guys meet at a country club for an “investement meeting” while the Pitt game is on.  That is called getting together to watch the Pitt game.  Just saying.

Holiday MISC.

My kids are going to implode with all the Christmas hype.  And it’s not the commercials and early decorations.  It’s me.  We’re gearing up to start decorating next week and have had some carols on already.  Jake heard me talking to my mother about Spiderman Villians and assumed I was speaking to Santa Clause…

I do discuss Jesus and his birthday, etc.  But Beth’s birthday is Christmas Eve so that makes Jesus seem like just another guy with a birthday on the day all the presents come instead of the day before.

Someday, they’ll get it.

With all that said, with my enthusiasm for the season, I’m disturbed that two radio stations are playing 24/7 Christmas Carols.  Let’s face it, there aren’t that many good ones.  So they dig into a stash buried, God knows where and come up with some super horrid tunes.  This significantly cuts into my chances that I’ll randomly come across a good song when walking/running. 

So Happy Holidays everyone–you might as well just have fun with it.

How do you have fun with it?  Or don’t you?

10 thoughts on “When is a meeting NOT a meeting?

  1. I think there will be ANOTHER station here playing Christmas tunes after Thanksgiving. I personally find it aggravating. Do we really need holiday songs starting 2 weeks before Turkey Day… 24/7….on multiple stations? Can’t we enjoy Halloween, maybe even a little turkey gathering first? This Thursday, I’ll be thankful I have a CD player in the car…and that January 1 will bring back the other songs!

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. New ‘deadline’ to get the revisions done…12/31. I’m working on Ch. 18 of about 30, just life seems to get in the way (but provides lots of inspiration for other books/essays). But I’ll go crazy if I don’t have my queries going by early January. Need to close the book on this phase, so to speak. 🙂

  3. Oh, I’m TOTALLY fussy about Christmas music! Last year, Eric compiled a collection of Christmas songs on MP3 and loaded them into his iPod. He then hooked the iPod up to our downstairs speakers, and voila! Ten hours of Christmas music, hand picked, commercial free, all day. And no song plays twice.

    He had to make a few “adjustments” for me through the season. Some of the songs were total duds, and it’s amazing how the DUDS stick out and grate on your ears (and your nerves) as if there were no other songs in the collection!

    He’s going to do the same thing this year, and I’m looking forward to it. Ahhhhh, GOOD Christmas music!! (Lots of jazz, naturally…)

  4. Kathy Jacobs! How dare you poop on this moment. I have been decorated with trees and wreaths since the day after Halloween! I was excited about the holidays the moment I saw the first holiday cd on the premature holiday self at Target! My excuse for such an early Griswald moment (as I am fondly called on our street) is our annual Holiday Party the Saturday before Christmas (which by the way you have not attended in awhile…we will discuss that later – smile). And WHERE do you think I got the inspiration for all the holiday cheer, massive planning of dinning ventures and Sunday brunch and cookie decorating with neighbors? YOU! Nough said. I love the monster you helped create and I am waiting to welcome YOU bake into the fold. Love ya, Niki

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