Preakness, nudity, and cloudy skies

I was just at sitemeter checking out where my avid readers are logging on from.  Well, google always guides a few interesting people to my site.  This time, someone looked up Preakness Nudity, and my post on that came up as number 3 of 11,000 or so hits for those words…Now that’s funny.  To me, anyway.

I don’t know if its because I grew up in cloudy Pittsburgh or if I’m just personally a little dark, but I don’t mind dark days.  I often prefer them.  They can get oppressive, especially in the winter when there’s a mandatory stretch of 30 cloudy days–that’s too much even for me.

But on Friday, it was balmy with a hint of sunshine.  And to me, that’s the perfect day. 

What’s your favorite type of weather?

8 thoughts on “Preakness, nudity, and cloudy skies

  1. I’m very picky about the weather. I like it to be mid seventies, sunny and low humidity. Of course, here in southwestern Pennsylvania we get about two of those a year. If we’re lucky!

  2. I know, Annette, I wonder if people who live in sunny Florida or shiny CA even notice the weather–other than in flood season. I spent a summer in CA with my college roommate, traveling around and I remember that every morning–even the cloudy ones, she’d be like “don’t worry it’s sunny here every day,” and she was right. Sunny St. Helena isn’t called that for nothing. I used to love the sun…

  3. I also love the dark, cloudy days. I feel more energized and productive. Perhaps it’s my fascination with the dark side of humanity in my fiction that transcends to how I like the weather to be around me.

    Nice site, Kathie! I’ll have to come around more often.

  4. I LOVE checking my site meter search result hits. Always something amusing, or weird, or just plain “huh?”.

    My perfect day? SUNSHINE! Warm, low humidity, very slight breeze (has to be a WARM breeze, though). Emphasis on SUN. I’m one of those people that starts to shrivel up when there are too many cloudy days in a row. Like, two.

  5. I like all days except rainy ones. They make my hair frizz, and after straightening it for half an hour I don’t find that amusing!


    Seriously, all kinds of day are cool. Afterall, having a gloomy day is better than not having one at all. God I’m a morbid bitch but it’s true.


  6. M.E., you don’t write that dark stuff for nothing! I agree all kinds of days are cool and I have to say, we in Pittsburgh are getting a hearty dose of balmy 60 degree weather that you just can’t beat–sun, clouds, any combination of! It’s straight down hill (temp-wise) from here.

    Nicole, love your site! I should post some preakness pics. I’ll just black out people’s faces… maybe in May.

    Jillian, you must get some great weather in TN–a lot more mild than Pittsburgh, though summer must be smoking hot.

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