Silly little things…

I don’t have a coherant post put together so I’ll just throw stuff up and see what sticks.

I saw Melissa Hart the day after she lost the election.  I walked right past her table in a restaurant.  I swear she could tell I voted against her.  She scares me.  I’m sure she won’t be hurting in the private sector.  And that’s all I’ll say about her.

I waited for my friends to arrive for lunch and the place was literally buzzing with election talk.  My friends who never discuss politics were actually excited with the results (except one who says it’s against her principles to dip her toe in mucky political waters–but she did vote). I think that’s good that people cared enough to change the face of congress.  Now the new set better not eff things up further.  I don’t think that’s possible.  But I fear it is.

On the writing front, my re-write of the novel that didn’t sell (essentially an entire new book from scratch) is almost done.  I’m editing and will get queries out by the end of November.  I can’t believe I’m back at the no agent stage.  But I am, so I’m off to get another.

Well, this post is beyond boring so I’ll go and think up something better.



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