Going Voting

I am, but I’m nervous about it.  I always am.  I think that is so strange.  My mother used to lug my three sibs and myself along with her, narrating the whole process, the weightiness of it all. 

Anyway, I hope my guys win.  Like, I’ll be as psyched if they win as I was when Pittsburgh won the superbowl.  I wish I had as much faith in my guys as I did in the Steelers.

Here’s hoping the rest of PA wakes up and smells the coffee with me.

4 thoughts on “Going Voting

  1. Mmm…coffee…

    Sorry, I’ve been in a happy drunken stupor for two days and I just sobered up. Well, I”m not drunk anymore. Well, not legally drunk. Well, at least I’m legal to drive. If I knew where my car was. Which I don’t. Lost it shortly after getting drunk. Think it’s still in Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania, definitely.

  2. Hey Gene, def. grab yourself a good cup of coffee–you deserve it after those great rants–I’m sure you were responsible for at least 25% of the voter turn-out–well the gambling segment anyway.

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