Mind Prey

Just catching a little Lifetime Movie Channel while revising the book my agent didn’t sell.  It’s really background for me, but John Sanford’s Mind Prey is on.  And I love his books.  I’m not really following the movie except that something is slightly off with the picture and sound.  At times its been very obvious, but now the lips and sound not matching up is more subtle, so I’m forced to watch the movie as though my life depends on it. 

Am I really seeing that?  At times I wondered if they were dubbing in “clean” words or something, but Eric LaSalle is Detective Davenport so I know his voice from ER…very weird.

 Hope all is well with you guys.

7 thoughts on “Mind Prey

  1. Hey, Kath. Glad you are back-a-blogging and that you had a good summer by the pool, but sorry to hear no luck on the book. Keep on going/revising/writing and maybe we can shoot for a get together this fall? Famous last words, i know! Susan

  2. Thanks Susan, I’ll do a big post about my book soon…don’t know why it was so hard to blog this summer, but I’m glad to be back too. How’s your book? Where are you on it?

  3. The good news is that I finished the first draft in late May, so I’m now onto the re-write (at least #1). I’ve managed to get the first 75 pages in pretty good shape, but I have a long way to go. Meant to accomplish more these last few months, but, as you said, hard to do while the sun is shining and the pool is calling. My next goal attempt is to finish the rewrite by the end of the month, which I think is very doable and then start work on the query stuff. Oy vey.

  4. My husband and I found that you can have just as much fun mocking Sandford’s style as Hemingway’s. Especially the part, in every single book, where he notes Davenport’s scar, running diagonally from his forehead, across his eye…and who is married to someone named Weather????

  5. Yeah, Susan. I’ll hold you to that date…end of september, it is.

    Mom of three, I agree, the name weather is a bit much. Any author can be picked apart when readers get cranky…

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