Jilted Bride…

Finally a jilted bride worth reading about.

When her cheating fiance caused nipped the wedding in the nearly flowering bud, she decided to turn the event into an opportunity to raise money for charity.

She’s prob. got 87 marriage proposals by now.  Not that she needs even one.  Way to go.

8 thoughts on “Jilted Bride…

  1. I read this article to my husband when I came upon it yesterday. He told me of a story he’d read a while back about a groom and his cheating fiance. He let the wedding procedings go as planned, got into the monkey suit, walked down the aisle…and when the officiate asked if he’d take this woman he said “Nope” and then he left.

    Stuck the bride and her family with a 25K wedding bill.


  2. I also heard of a story where the groom went through with the wedding and at the reception made a speech. He had everyone reach under their seats for a “present.” There were envelopes with photos of the bride and best man taped to the seats…he had everything annulled the next day. Yikes.

  3. That’s so cool – I bet she was better off, though – to find out now that the man wasn’t for her than be stuck with him for who knows how long before they divorced. Good for her!

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