Memorial Day

The father of one of Jake and Beth’s classmates is in Iraq.

He locates and disables roadside bombs.

Can you imagine that?  What a bad day means to him?

He had two weeks leave and spent as much time at the school as possible before going back.

I almost cried when I saw him.

This guy I’d never met before.

Fighting in a disgusting war.

Thinking he could die or be maimed, that his kids could lose him or find him changed forever, for something that is so unclear, was powerful.

The people fighting are brave and loyal.  I can’t imagine being there.  I can’t imagine being a family member of one of those guys or girls.  Women or men, really.

War might be necessary at times, but I don’t buy this one and I wish to God these soldiers didn’t have to either.

To all who have served us and their families…we are grateful to you.  The sacrifice is immeasurable.

One thought on “Memorial Day

  1. hi kathie,

    haven’t been here in a few weeks, long story but everything is OK. wanted to chime in on this one because i absolutely agree with you. i cried like crazy the other day when i heard about that soldier who gave his purple heart to a 13-year-old girl because she’d written to him several times.

    what’s the latest on your book? (i have to figure out which thread that is.) anyway, wanted to say HI. 🙂

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