Plane Conversation

Mignon asked about the plane conversation I overheard…

Well, I’m the biggest eavesdropper ever, but even knowing that, I didn’t start out listening to this.  But I got sucked in.

I had an aisle seat.  The woman beside me in the middle seat was with a friend who sat in the window seat.  Window seat couldn’t stop herself from revealving the details of a six-month affair she’d been having.  Until three weeks ago.  She got busted. 

I know details that would allow me to serve as her alibi for three Thursdays ago if I needed to.  I couldn’t believe the way she was yapping about this.  And in seconds, a plot was born.  Thank you window seat lady!

6 thoughts on “Plane Conversation

  1. Thank you!
    That reminds me – this weekend a friend and I were having a very graphic and frank discussion about sex as we were riding on a chair lift and on the run down I realized I could hear everything that was said on the lift. The sound seemed to bounce around the trees and snow, magnifying everything. But that’s a little different than having an extremely private conversation within 5 feet of 7 other strangers…

  2. I know what you mean Mignon…but your situation was def. different. These women were INCHES from seven people!!! YOu’re a skiing machine.

  3. I LOVE to eavesdrop! And, like you, much of the time I don’t even realize I’m doing it until I’m sucked in. That’s why I always have a notebook with me. If I look thoughtful, as if I’m thinking of something and writing from scratch, I can even get a few sentences down without people looking too suspicious.

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