Buy some books…Nancy Martin, Philip Beard

Hi everyone, I’m back to harrass you into buying more books.  The owners of the independent book store, Mystery Lover’s Bookshop are always saying “if you want to be an author, then you better buy books.”  They’re right of course.  Quit passing your books to others.  Buy them for each other.  It’s only fair if you want someone to buy yours.  And for those of you who don’t write, consider it a way of supporting one of the last American trades…yikes, I have no idea if that statement is in any way accurate, but it sounds good…

Seriously, I went to Nancy Martin’s book celebration for the fifth book in her Blackbird sisters series called “Have Your Cake and Kill Him Too.”  Go buy this book.  It’s awesome.  I read the fourth one first and then went back for the rest.  You’ll fall in love with the quirky, funny sisters, the fast pace, silly situations and all around wonderful read.

The Blackbird Sisters have been optioned for TV.  So get ahead of the crowd…know what’s going on when it hits the small screen!

Second.  Some of you bought Philip Beard’s book, Dear Zoe.  And you’ve said you love it.  Others have not yet purchased it…get out there, buy it, read it, give it as a gift, but it’s good.  Support your fellow writers.

 And let me know when you do so I can quit bothering you.

2 thoughts on “Buy some books…Nancy Martin, Philip Beard

  1. I read Dear Zoe and loved it! I did not buy it though. I promise when you are published I will buy your books but for now I am a big supporter of the public library.

  2. Hi Dana,
    I’m so glad you read Dear Zoe! Makes you want to know what happens to her next…Thanks for reading. I’m sure Philip appreciates it, whether you bought it or not.

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