Does Patrick Swayze’s haircut in Road House…

…qualify as a mullet?

Being from Pittsburgh I understand the basic mullet, its characteristics and presentation habits, but something about Patrick’s hair in Roadhouse makes me think…not a mullet.

Though common sense says it surely is.

I’ve been to Kiawah Island for a few days and so I haven’t been posting.  What it took to get myself packed and on the plane kept me from posting last week, but I’m back.

The trip was amazing.  I stayed at my friend Kate’s house and lived like a queen for four days.  I spent much of the time walking on the beach.  I could feel my mind unravel and fully understand the place the screen-writer of Forest Gump (was it a book first?) pulled the whole Run Forest Run part from.

To me, there is nothing like the beach.  The ocean.  And I love warm cloudy beach days.  The scorchers are too intense for me.  Besides spending great time with a great friend who is beyond generous, I plotted out my sixth novel. 

I was privy to a scintilating (sp?) conversation on the plane that I still can’t believe I heard…and it prompted the entire book.  My fifth novel, the one I had hoped to work on there, will keep.  The sixth is begging to be told.

Still nothing on the last four places my book is visiting…here’s hoping no news is good news.  MIssed you all!


8 thoughts on “Does Patrick Swayze’s haircut in Road House…

  1. Sounds like a great trip. I am totally jealous. How cool that an overheard conversation has turned into a new idea you’re excited about. Sounds like you’re doing great.

  2. I vote no on the mullet. Not long enough to qualify as a “Canadian Passport” or even a “Kentucky Waterfall”. I only say that because my hair was about that long back then.

    Although the thing Tom Hanks is sporting in the new Da Vinci Code flick just might qualify.

  3. I agree, the Tom Hanks thing is a mullet. I’m surprised about the look they’ve given him…I can’t remember details like how that character looked in the book, but come on, this isn’t non-fiction here, create a good look, please. And why Tom is now sporting the look around town, I’ll never know.

  4. I forgot to comment on the mullet question. In my mind, if the cut looks good on the guy then it’s not a mullet. And my friends, Mr. Swayze looks just fine in Road House. Thus, no mullet.

    BTW, Jamie’s classification system of mullets made me spit out my coffee. Kentucky Waterfall! LOL.

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