Okay, Susan and Mignon–good questions. Be sure to keep us up date on how things are going. And don’t hesitate to keep questioning. Both of you seem to have a good jump on New Year’s “get in shape” routines.

The rest of you slack asses get to work…(That’s Kathie’s editorial comment for herself more than anything)

Keep the idea that nothing is easy about changing habits. But when the new good habits are around enough, they’ll be there for good. Take for instance Al Roker. He’s had dangerous surgery and done a lot of work since. But he still wants to lose more weight. So he’s where the rest of you are…having to change habits and work hard the old fashioned way. Move more. Eat less.

TIP # 2

This is especially for Mignon and Susan…but applies to everyone who is trying to get in shape and is easily discouraged.

Tunnel vision seems to be a problem for a lot of people.
Don’t lock yourself into any one workout.
Do something–Anything.
Even if it’s a brisk walk.
Or a ten minute drill on your staircase:

You could try holding some handweights or stuff a backpack with heavy cans. Run up the steps and walk down. Then try two at a time, going up. Keep going. GET WINDED!
This is a great alternative for when you miss a workout or blow it off. Or can’t get that stinkin’ babysitter to come.

As for Mignon, both of your ideas are great.
Bundle up baby and trudge up those hills.
Or if the weather’s too bad, stay in and kick-box to a video.

I suggest buying them used on ebay, or rent them to reduce the boredom factor.

So keep moving and be sure to let me know how your doing and what other questions you have!


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  1. Hi Maura,

    Thanks for your continued good advice. Here’s my question: Is it better to do an hour of moderate activity or 30 minutes of high intensity activity? Or does it come out in the wash?



  2. RESPONSE TO JAYE- Very common question Jaye! The answer will vary depending on your personal goals. It was drilled to us for years that moderate intensity and long duration was the best way to “burn fat”. While that is true, it is important to note that CALORIES burn at a much faster rate per minute when done at a higher intensity or “anerobically”. That is why I stress “get winded”. When you are breathing heavy and using a greater amount of energy to exercise, the calories are burning up faster in your body. CALORIES , not STORED FAT! To get to that fat storage, you want to maintain some duration (30+ continuous minutes). Clearly a combination of the two is ideal, however, if you are crunched for time and can’t fit in an hour class….GO FOR SPEED AND INTENSITY. Get your heart rate high-very high and push yourself, when you need a recorvery, make it brief and push again. This will be the most productive way to exercise in a short period of time. But don’t forget about those hour sessions! Get a few in every week to reap the benefits of endurance training!

  3. That’s interesting, helpful advice most of us don’t know. (I don’t think so anyway, don’t mean to speak for others.) What would be a general plan for someone like me, who used to be in shape but can’t even imagine that it’s possible to be again?

    How about a general food plan…you can wait to do this for next week if you want. I’m prob. very much along the lines of what Mignon has described, though soccer wasn’t my sport???

  4. Hi Maura! My question deals with saddlebags…how do you get rid of them! I finally lost all of my weight I gained being pregnant. BUT now I am so focused on my big butt and thighs. I remember being told that cardio helps to get rid of the saddle bags. I do go to the gym 4-5 days a week, taking step aerobics and extreme interval (cardio and weights) classes. What can I do to target my problem area? thanks in advance for your help!

  5. RESPONSE TO LISA C- SOundds like heredity may be playing a factor here. Fight it! Gym workouts 4-5 days a week (if you ar pushing yourself), should be helping. Add some weight work…heavy weights for squats and lunges. Build up the muscles under the fat storage and changes will be seen. Walking and jogging are the best for “toning” that area, but you need to walk/jog a lot! Use a combination of nautilus machines ( i.e. squat press, hamstring curl machine) with floor exercices (lunges w/ heavy bar or hand weights, high bench stepping w/ heavy weights) after your cardio workouts. Most importantly reduce the amount of fat in your diet……fatty foods store themselves in fat areas! good luck!

  6. I have another question… I’ve never been a stretcher (I know, I know, shame on me), but I’ve also never been hurt, and I’ve been playing soccer and football, and snowboarding for 15 years. I’d like to think I’ve got good genes, rather than luck. So now I’m wondering, since I’m trying to maximize my workouts in between baby naps, am I doing myself a disservice by not stretching before/after? Does stretching do anything to assist in burning calories?

  7. RESPONSE TO MIGNON- Sounds like you know the benefits of stretching by your guilty “shame on me” quote! Stretching is always good but should be done after a workout. Stretching helps, elongate the muscles, improve posture and reduce muscle soreness and injury. Even if breif, give yourself a few minutes and hold some positions ( hamstrings, quads, upper back and core). Stretching during a hot shower is also an easy way to increase and improve flexibility without adding to your workout time. BREATH through your stretches for deeper range of motion. Resist “bouncing” through them. A pilates or yoga class can give you some great ideas or favorites that you can incorporate into your own routine. As for “burining calories”, many hard-core yoga instructors insist proper breathing and exceptional form allow for great calorie burn. Though I agree somewhat, I would challenge anyone of them to spin with me for an hour, with a heart rate monitor, and calculate the difference in calories burned!

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