The Spears Saga roils on….

…that’s right.
Just when you thought you’ve heard the most bizzare pop culture trivia known to man, one of my magazines comes out with something even whackier.

It was either Star or Us, but one of them reported Shar Jackson, the ex of Kevin Federline, is interested in or in the process of dating Jason Alexander (Brit’s ex-husband of thirty-six hours).

WTF? (I’m stealing Miss Snark’s famous reply to pure craziness)

I mean, do I need to comment further?
The list of things wrong with this scenario is widespread and deep as the ocean.
Do I need to even start?

5 thoughts on “The Spears Saga roils on….

  1. Is this post in English? Who are these people? Should I find out? They sound scary. Is this like four posts in one day? Did you have a lot of coffee this morning? Okay, time to get off my a** and write something.

  2. Hi (came to you from Orange). I like this blog, can I stay for a while?
    I read not too long ago that Shar was dating Quentin Tarantino, which was also full of craziness, don’t you think? I thought he was pining away for Uma, anyway – Shar was the runner-up?

  3. Kathie, you’re starting the year on a blogging roll — Happy New Year to you!

    You know, sometimes I think my prospects for dating again would be so much better if only I were a celebrity. (Make it a gorgeously toned and fit celebrity with cool clothes and a personal hairstylist while we’re at it.) Then I see that even the celebrity dating pool is full of weirdos. I guess the grass isn’t always greener. BTW, I will love your personal trainer bonus section. I work out semi-regularly on my lunch hour at the gym in the building I work in, but need some extra guidance. Looking forward to it.

  4. Hey girl! Thanks for checking up on me yesterday. I know, I know — I’ve been a bit slow to get blogging after the holidays!

    By the way — TAG — you’re it! Better head over to my blog… 😉

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