The Frantic Woman’s Guide to Life

I hope some of you got this book since I started blogging about it…if not, no matter. I’ll highlight some of what’s in there each month.

One thing I really like about it is it gives me a chance to purchase a new journal.
A Frantic Journal, a place to map out all the steps to creating a less frantic home life.

Another thing I really like is that the authors encourage you to map out events and plans, months in advance, but always remind you again and again as though they know, at least half their audience will be slow to reduce the clutter of their frantic lives.

Well, to get things started this month, I’m working through the Getting Started section as well as the January section. I figure it will take me years to internalize the principals presented in just these sections, but that’s the beauty of the book, the journey.

On page 5 the section called Inch by Inch is especially helpful. It suggests you keep a running to do list for each room in your house. Love this…love lists…I feel a strong sense of success coming from this section. Especially for those of us who can’t entertain two thoughts in our heads for more than ten seconds. This list keeps you from dilly dallying when you have a few extra minutes to tackle some organization.

So, there’s my start for the year. How are you “getting started” this year?

On page 73 of the January section of the book, the authors suggest we take note of the white sales coming up and replenish and weed out our supplies of towels and sheets. This sounds like such a good idea. I never buy nice sheets. I can’t bear the thought of spending a lot of money on them when the sheets with three inches between the threads are just as cute, right?

Kidding. I know better, I’ve just ignored my judgement. So this year, I will weed and seed my sheet/towel supply. Bed, BAth and Beyond is having a sale, I think.
I wonder what it feels like to buy five hundred dollar sheets–ala Jessica Simpson.
Anyone know the answer to that?

Here’s a big one for me…Birthday Calendar…I must do this.

I have two friends who never miss a birthday. Never forget those of our friends or their kids. It’s amazing.
So there. That’s it for now. Even this level of commitment makes my head swim. How about you?

3 thoughts on “The Frantic Woman’s Guide to Life

  1. Wow. The Birthday Calendar. That would be like, the ultimate. I gave up all expectations for remembering anything about two weeks after I birthed the twins. My life’s been pretty serene since then.

  2. This book sounds awesome and just what I need to get my house together. AND I wonder if you are talking about me with the birthdays?! I just love ’em and the calendar sounds cool. Must do this…

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