Andy Rooney…

…it seems as though every time I’m treated to one of his segments he’s talking about the exact same thing. I know he’s not because CBS can’t possibly believe we’d be so stupid as to not notice. But here he is sharing his letters regarding buying American cars.

I thought that topic was beat into the ground along with the soundtrack of Saturday Night Fever.
Get another freaking topic, for the love of God in sweet blue heaven.
I’m assuming it’s blue. That will be nice if it is.

I was perusing the all illuminating Us magazine when I came across a picture of Star Jones reading her very own book in public. On the beach.
I don’t know.
I might just be dizzy from a barage of rejections, but please promise.
If you catch me reading my own book while on vacation, sipping tall cool ones, you’ll immediately, without a hint of hesitation, beat me about the shoulders with my best selling tome.

7 thoughts on “Andy Rooney…

  1. The fact she can stand to read it while on vacation is proof she did not write it. Anyone who has written their own book has read the freaking thing at least 467 times. What author in their right mind would read it again when they’re supposed to be relaxing?

  2. Oh dear God no! And to read it after it’s published and further changes can’t be made? NONONONO.

    Non é possibile, as my Sicilian grandmother would have said.

  3. We will have Cindy slap you upside the head — with or without your book!(Note to others: see My Brilliant Mistakes recent entry about Cindy’s slap happy resolution.)

    You know, Kathie, I knew I wanted to be your friend when you started quoting Us, People, OK, etc. I’m personally a closet People fan. But I actually read the non-celebrity stories. Honest. And I like the pretty dresses, too.

  4. Hey Susan,
    I’m too hardened a gossip hound to bother with People’s hearwarming, everyday people stories.

    I used to love it, but once Us and Star retooled themselves a few years ago I left People in the dust. NOw, I purchase it only in emergencies.

  5. STAR JONES is a “legend in her own mind”. Her lifestyle will continue to be a media circus..think Liza Minelli WITHOUT the talent !
    A gal with a high IQ and low self-esteem. Even BaBa Walters who appears NEVER to close the door on any celebrity..has had enough of this Diva/SpoiledBrat. SHE will NEVER be BORING… but soon will give us all that “too-full” feeling. Like that last doughnut in the box that entices but you know you’ll wish you had chose to avoid it. WHY would she “push” anyone else’s book ? No royalties from PLUGGING someone else’s bio.

  6. Very true MaryEllen. I didn’t know Barbara refused the company of Star. Makes me wonder what that feels like. As though we all function in one world and the ‘stars’ in another. You know, if I wanted to go on Baba’s show and she said no, I wouldn’t feel bad. What else could she say? But for Star. Is it the same thought process or is being turned down by Barbara like being turned down by the women’s club in town? Yikes!

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