Good Kids…

Beth and Jake were so well behaved today that every minute of the day was fun and easy. Wow, what a great one. I wonder if the day feels any different to them. They agreed it was a great day, but they couldn’t really say whether it felt better than any other day. Hopefully it’s all good in their book.

2 thoughts on “Good Kids…

  1. God bless ’em.

    That’s too prevent the mal’occhio, that Puck-like being who hears parents waxing enthusiastic about their offspring, then infuse the little darlings with massive amounts of chocolate and sugar, sending them into the spin cycle.

    Me and Italian superstition got your back on this one, Kathie.

  2. Italian superstitions? I’m so supersticious it’s embarrassing, and I don’t even have my heritage to back me up. Keep those Italian supersticions working!

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