Brought out of a coma by the scent of a sandwich…

…sounds like fiction.
It might be. I was drifting off to sleep with the news on and I swear that’s what the news-caster said.
In Isreal, Sharon’s doctors were going to lure him out of his coma with the scent of his favorite sandwich.
I could be lying about this, because I was teetering between awake and sleep.
But I swear that’s what they said.

How freaking humiliating.
Did they choose this course of treatment based soley on him being portly?
Is this common practice? Damn scientists are always up to something sneaky and secret, aren’t they?
Are patients at UPMC in Oakland being drawn out of comas by the scent of Original hotdogs on a daily basis? Or Primati’s sandwiches?

It’s so simple. And so freaking cheap.
Quick! Someone calculate the cost of allowing someone to lolly-gag around in a coma for months when you could wave a foot-long under their sniffer.

Might explain the high success rate of UPMC both medically and financially. The jig is up. Health care costs should be plummeting as we drink our morning java.

Disclaimer…I think this is true but I’m not sure so please don’t hold me up to any stinkin’ writerly standards. ‘An ‘At.

8 thoughts on “Brought out of a coma by the scent of a sandwich…

  1. the sense of smell is very powerful, so it’s a goofy enough idea to be true. The medical reports are not encouraging. When they are reporting that there is brain stem activity and report that as good news, all I can think is, ‘yep, need that to breathe. Uh, anything going on in the cerebral cortex?’

  2. I’ve been pretending to enjoy other peoples’ cooking for so long, I’m afraid that if I were in a coma they would be trying to wake me up with some version of “mystery meat surprise” and there I’d be – unconcious – and I’d be stuck for thirty years in this nightmare about my ex-wife.

  3. Well, when my dad (lord rest his soul) was in a coma we tempted him with lottery tickets. Yep, for the last 15 years he had played the lotto every week (never won of course), so my dear precious hubby bought a lottery ticket, waved it in front of him and told him he could go claim the prize money.

    Guess my dad didn’t buy it. Knew it was a losing ticket.

  4. By the way, I love that little coffee cup icon you have. M.G. & I are working on a tea cup for my new look.

    (and I’ve added you to my links, I like it here.)

  5. Thank you, girl dear, for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment.
    Smell associations are powerful. Food. Smoke. Sex. Vanilla. Baby powder. Spice.
    Depends what turns you on.

  6. Hey Bernita…I think the smell thing is so powerful–nothing like getting a whiff from something from your child hood and being transported through time. But the way they talked about it in that news casty way made it sound so silly. I haven’t heard word of it since–there’s still I chance I dreamed this up.

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