Dance the Blues Away….

Who’s managed to do this so far? NOt me. I’m working up to it. We have to the end of January people.

7 thoughts on “Dance the Blues Away….

  1. Perhaps we should set a date and time–like a national Dance-a-thon. Then maybe we’d all get on the news. Imagine the coverage on CNN:

    “Today in cities across the nation, a phenomenon occured simulatneously, as hundreds of parents began gyrating in a series of strange movements, which some observers described as seizure-like. But this reporter thinks something far more sinister is at hand: Has Crack become the drug of choice among our nation’s stay-at-home-parents? News at 11.”

    Ok now I am totally doing this. Maybe I’ll finally get on Oprah.

  2. I danced in my car. My kids got a kick out of that. I do that all the time. I rarely get out of the car. That’s because I have to chauffeur the kids places. But I will find a really good time and place that will completely embarrass them and have at it.

  3. Dancing makes all my parts that are supposed to be firm and/or perky jiggle uncomfortably. I will have to find another thing that will eradicate the blues. At this moment it’s a latte. Maybe later I’ll take a shower.

  4. My little boy’s current favorite song is Billy Idol’s “Dancing With Myself” – a totally fun song that literally makes you want to do just that (of course, you gotta throw in the trademark Billy Idol clenched fist and scrunched up lip). He always wants me to play it in the car….but curiously, he insists that Anna (his baby sister) and I do not dance or sing to it, which, unfortunately for him is nearly impossible for us to stop. It’s really funny — must disturb his Idol groove when we intervene on his fun.

  5. LOL Lisa. They’re so funny with their little tryant rants about music. I got my 3-year-old into the Beastie Boys. I taught him to air-scratch records. Now I am not allowed to sing, dance or air-scratch with him. He also likes the Black Eyed Peas. Mom made the mistake of playing the Hump Song for him one day. Bad mom. He now demands the song, which I had to explain to him is about camels.

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