Now I’m a Really Bad Blogger

Thanks so much for wondering where I was! I did finish Nanowrimo with a few days to spare and with the holidays and shopping, I got really far behind with blogging. I didn’t even surf around, feeling as though that would be unacceptable if I wasn’t going to post myself…so I took a break.

And I’m back.

With not much great to say.

So, I’m starting with a little senseless pop culture.

Nick and Jess.

I guess they’ve thrown in the towel.

But who’s to say. REally. Until the ink is dry.

Who is to say.

Operating as though they have indeed severed their marital ties, my husband and I decided we needed a list of three guys we would bet she’d date next.

Number one on his list is Johnny Knoxville of Jackass fame. He was also in Dukes of Hazzard with Jess and rumors abound about the two of them.

I for one don’t think he’d leave his wife and family for her.

But I always think that right before the guy falls all over himself to prove me wrong.

Anyway. I’m hoping very much that she does not go anywhere near the route Brittney Spears blazed with Kevin Federline.

Jess has got to go upward. Maybe an older man. A really older man, not just a couple years like Nick.

I’m thinking something along the lines of Owen Wilson. He’s first on my list.

Who’s on yours?

17 thoughts on “Now I’m a Really Bad Blogger

  1. I have ABSOLUTELY no idea what you’re talking about — we don’t watch TV! LOL

    But I’m VERY GLAD to see that you’re back! I was honestly starting to get a little worried (must be the Mommy Hen part of me…)

  2. I have to tell you I inadvertently happened upon the MTV or VH1 Style Awards last night just in time to see Jessica Simpson’s acceptance speech for being a “style icon.” The poor girl needs a break from relationships so she can take a Toastmaster’s class. I know I ramble and can act ditsy sometimes, but I’d make a concerted effort not to on national TV! Jess – take some time for yourself, even though I’m sure you’ll have boys knocking at your door. And besides, Brittany and Kevin Federline probably only have a few more years, and then he may be back on the market. Or how about J Lo’s dancing ex?

  3. Maybe she’ll hook up with the likes of Mr. Collins…..HarperCollins, that is. I mean, if Nicole can seduce him, surely Jessica can!

    Hope you’re well, Kathie, and glad to hear you’ve survived NaNoWriMo. Can’t wait to read the new material! Write on…


  4. Thanks so much to everyone for commenting and I agree Jessica could take a little time for herself. I know she has worked hard in so many ways, but what a luxury it would be to just “find yourself,” without worrying where your next paycheck is coming from.

    Jill, thanks so much for your thoughts. I appreciate your hen inclinations. And everyone elses!

    I’m glad you love the blog…makes me feel great that you do.

  5. Kathie,

    Wendy directed me here! I’m glad that she did!

    The whole Nick and Jessica thing has been like watching a drawn out train wreck. I absolutely adored them as a couple though. I just think they both lost their focus and her father took over their lives. But, that’s just my all-important and professional analysis of a celebrity marriage. They should call me. I could help them.

    Great blog!

  6. Yes, I am Kathie’s husband and this is my first post. Just so I can have my Nick and Jess picks in stone I am posting them for you all to see.

    1. Johnny Knoxville of Jackass fame.

    2. Tom Brady of NFL fame.

    3. Jake Guyenthall (I can’t spell)- Of the Army and new Gay Cowboy Movie fame.

    p.s. Kathie has still not listed her three picks and we have $10 riding on the outcome.

  7. Well, well, a comment from the husband. It’s about time, Bill. Better late than never, and so on. Anyway, I think Jess will date:

    1. Some business man, wealthy though unknown to us at this point.
    2. Owen Wilson
    3. Tommy Lee

  8. LOL. I’m going to go with:

    1. That infested yuckball Kevin Federline
    2. Wilmer Valderamma. He seems to get around.
    3. One of the Backstreet Boys just to get back at Nick.

  9. Realizing just how behind the times I am. I’m with Jill..not sure of more than half the people named. Kathie…is that Tommy Lee Jones? (hee hee)…I wouldn’t know any of Bill’s picks if I ran right into them. But thanks, Kathie, for the US magazine. It was fun to look at (even caught hubby looking it over)..keep ’em coming and I’ll be conversant on pop culture in no time!

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