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…okay, I’m having trouble coming up with post Christmas posts so I just wanted to point any interested writers to Miss Snark’s blog.

I have her blogrolled so you can click there.

She’s an agent who blogs undercover. A lot of people wonder if she is legitimate.

I have a really successful core of fellow writers, mentors and an agent and Miss Snark seems to support everything my personal contacts to the publishing world have said. So either they’re all wrong or she’s okay.

I find the site interesting in general…the inner workings of the agent/publishing world are illuminated there.

Right now she’s in the process of critiquing the synopses (sp???) that were submitted by bloggers. As with anything there’s opinion involved and she admits to having made mistakes in her agenting career, but there’s some good stuff there. Unless you have no interest in writing.

Even with that her snappy responses are fun to read. My favorite phrase she’s been using as she critiques is WTF when people describe something really bizzare that’s in their novel….she makes me laugh. That’s for sure.

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  1. I love Miss Snark, read her religiously. The Crapometer scares the …well, the crap out of me. Synopses are horrible. The are the antithesis of everything that makes good novel writing good. I hope and pray that my submission pages stand up to scrutiny and that the agent just reads the synopsis to makes sure, as Miss Snark says, that there are no inane plot points later in the book.

    But you’re write, as painful as reading some of the entries is, I have picked up some great info from reading her comments.

    BTW, Kathie, I posted a book blurb on my blahg for you tonight.

    Write on!

  2. Hi Kathie. I’ve peeked over here on occasion. Thank you for the boost at Miss Snark’s. You’ve been an encouraging voice over there and I know people must appreciate it the way I do. For whatever reason Miss Snark is doing this, it’s a mitzvah and I’ve nothing but gratitude for all her hard work. Despite her snarky comments, she is not unkind. She didn’t tell me my story stunk, she told me I’m not presenting it appropriately.

    I’ve been working on learning to write for four straight years, day in, day out, all day, just like a regular job. Written and rewritten reams of stuff. Been to conferences, had my stuff ripped to shreds, always came out with better work on the other side. I’ve learned my craft. Now it’s time for me to learn the other side of my craft, the art of the query and the synopsis. It’s sort of like having a prolonged root canal while birthing twins, but I’ve managed both those events, so I’ll manage this.

    Anyway, Hello and pleased to meet you. My name is Mindy.

  3. Like Mindy, I’m coming by to thank you for your positive comments on my synopsis (#70). They were very nice to read, especially since a commenter who did not understand the situation in my book or read my synopsis carefully at all decided to get all sarcastic and rude. Maybe his/her synopsis didn’t fare so well and there’s a bit of bitterness there for those whose synopses did not completely flop? Anyway, thank you very much. And now that I’m here, I’ve been enjoying your blog a lot.

  4. Hi Cathy,
    just visiting…
    I’m from the Netherlands and I blog since november. I’ve written a book and submitted to an agent. We have some things in common: we both read miss Snark’s blog, we link to her (I labelled her a remedy for impatient writers), I’m a housewife too (with children), I don’t live in a intellectual environment either, and we both used the word “snark” and “illuminated” in one topic.
    hope you find intelligent life next door soon. (Which reminds me I should go and visit my friend soon)

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