Dance the Blues Away….

Come on.
Everyone’s a little glum when January rolls around.
Not that it’s January yet.
But it’s like you can’t help it. Imagining the glum feeling in mid-December is almost impossible. Then it arrives like a cloud of heavy feelings and extra weight.

I was in the post office and the song “Come on Eileen” started on their stereo system. As fast as my bad mood swept in, it was stunted by the oldie but goodie. Slightly stunted, deadened a bit.

It got me thinking.
I wanted to break into dance right there.
But I didn’t.
It’s just not like me. I wish it was like me.
The thought of me dancing and singing in the post office made me laugh outloud and I decided to issue a challenge to all my fellow bloggers.

Throughout the month of January, I’m suggesting that we all break into song and dance in public places.
How can that not make you smile?
You must do it. (it doesn’t have to be a full out choreographed song and dance. Twenty seconds will do.)
I must do it.
We must all report back here.
Who saw you do it.
What they said.
Where you did it.
Modern dance? Ballet? Grungy headbanging crap?
All that Jazz. Be specific.

How could we be glum if there’s a steady diet of funny dance stories to brighten our day?

I mean it. I’m going to bug you about it.

Alright. Get back to me with your stories.

9 thoughts on “Dance the Blues Away….

  1. Kathie-
    I have danced to the Rolling Stones “Satisfaction” in Giant Eagle with my 3 year old son. We were right near the condiment sections. Guess what? I really don’t think that too many people thought it was odd. He is a better dancer than I!

  2. Not too bad, Mimi and I don’t want to put parameters on the dance thing, but really I think you have to do it alone for the full effect. People will think you’re just being a good mother dancing with your child… but still, it passes.

  3. That’s an excellent idea…if only I could pull it off. Yesterday my husband broke into spontaneous dancing when listening to the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. He made me dance with him. Within seconds my head had given him a split lip that ended all the dancing. That guy really can bleed!

  4. Bloodied by dance…love that, Caryn. I know it’s daunting to think of doing it alone. I haven’t done it yet, either….But I’m going to. You can pull it off. I know it.

    Mindy, can’t wait for your story. And Mimi…yours passes for the time being…give me something super daring.

  5. Happy New Year to you all! AND I will promise to do this…it is a new year after all. I never hesitate to sing in the car to tunes I love, but I don’t think that it is in me to dance and sing in a public place. BUT I will do this…I am sure that it will feel good to let go.

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