Post Causing Marital Strife…

Not in my marriage. NOt yet anyway.
But two of my faithful readers.
Upon reading my grumpy post yesterday, the husband of the pair suggested to his wife I change the site name to something like “AngryHousewifecafe.”
This apparently sparked a feud that lasted for hours and spanned topics not addressed in my blog. Jimmy Carter even came up. Now that’s a fight. From Housewifecafe to Jimmy. I’d say that’s a good post if it gets that kind of mileage.
All I have to say is:
NEXT TIME, POST YOUR ARGUMENT HERE! Please. Let me capitalize on your marital problems….I hope the husband in question (if he’s reading) knows I’m kidding. I am.

And I agree, I do sound like an angry housewife.
I feel like the last few posts, other than the happy agent ones, are grumpy.
I don’t like that about myself, but who is chipper all the time?
I have an extremely blessed life and so much of it is possible because Bill works his ass off.

BUT, so do I.

And WE decided together what our family unit would look like when we had kids. I’m actually a million times more understanding than many people I know. But those people aren’t blogging about their husbands. They’re too busy holding hands watching their kids play in the park…hehehehehe…

Trust me for every one of you who cringes because of the nature of my complaints, there are ten women thinking “YOu dumb ass woman. How are you letting your life run this course.”

I love my life. If I won an obscene amount of money I truly wouldn’t change one thing. I wouldn’t even move.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t be pissed that my husband’s timing is the worst in the world…I mean the worst.

God knows he’s always pissed because my housewife skills aren’t up to snuff. And I mean, he tells me about it all the time. And I wish I was better at it, but by the time I’ve done the kid stuff, cleaned and had the house messed up fourteen times, I don’t feel like doing it again. I want to write. I want to think about something other than the house…

But isn’t this just the way it goes? Do you know anyone who doesn’t gripe about stuff? Luckily Bill has a great sense of humor…No, we can’t all just get along all the time…

I’ve cycled down into the murky depths of Crazy housewife. I’m having an argument with myself…this is def. crazy.

I promise my next posts will be happy…

7 thoughts on “Post Causing Marital Strife…

  1. So there are no hurt feelings ( big men do have feelings), I have a wonderful husband, too. However, I am buying the new Jimmy Carter book over any objection!! hehehe. His interview with Larry King last night was really quite interesting- and I’m not trying to get political here, really. Really, I’m not. 🙂

  2. I know your husband is great…I just would love it if he posted his housespouse thoughts here…let’s do like a dear abby… because we have all the answers…right.

  3. Housewife skills? I can’t iron. It isn’t even that I haven’t tried or thought that I did a good job at it. My husband does not even want that to be a housewife skill. One slightly pressed collar was all he needed for a weekly trip to the dry cleaner. Folding laundry however, my job…

  4. I’m merely happy to see that the anger exists among several of us, and is OK to talk about somewhere.

    I’m lucky to have a husband who 1) freely admits to his “cave bear” tendencies (consultantspeak for SLOB…) and 2) doesn’t rake me for the fact that as a housewife, I thoroughly SUCK. 😉

    My hero though, lately, is the lady in Cincinnati, Ohio who recently got so sick of her husband and older two children not helping around the house after the baby came, that she picked up everything she found on the floor, boxed it up and sold it on e-Bay. She included with the auction a video of her family’s reaction to what she did…the package sold for around $300, which she gave to charity. Now THAT’s an idea!

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