Housewife & Thong

Just one more phrase that brought someone to housewife cafe…I mentioned thong when referring to Mimi insisting her son where thongs in the shower at the pool…hehehehe…not what the web-cruiser was looking for at all.

7 thoughts on “Housewife & Thong

  1. And for all of you “not in the know” bloggers, I made my 3 year old son wear his thongs (flip flops) into the bathroom this summer when we were at the pool. Several moms laughed, perhaps even rolled their eyes. But, weren’t they surprised when a local football team had SIXTEEN (16) young players come down with a staph infection that was IMMUNE to antibiotic therapy. Guess how they come down with this??? That’s right…NO FLIP FLOPS IN THE SHOWER. do I get some sort of silly mommy award for this?? lol

  2. The three local newstations and the two local papers (each with their own political angle) all stated that the infections were directly linked to lack of flip flops (It may even have been the “breaking news” one lackluster Thursday night). Now if I can believe half of what I read, and maybe none of what I hear, doesn’t that news story still have some credibility???

  3. I knew you’d have checked your sources…okay, you win an award…I don’t know which one…Supermom…I think I said earlier…But still, maybe those kids mom’s made them use anti-bacterial soaps and stuff and thereby lowered their immune system defenses???? How ’bout that one?

  4. Anti bacterial soap is for the zoo. Always have some for before you eat and on the way out of the Deer Yard.

  5. I never let the kids pet anything at the zoo…they don’t even know you’re allowed in the petting part. A farm girl, I am not.

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