If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you know all about my underwear situation. The latest layer of self I’m taking a look at is my bra situation. It sucks too. But when I think about it, I never have had a bra I love. Not even when Victoria’s Secret was the store of the day…

It could be the fit, but here’s the problem with that. If I go for a fitting, I’m walking out of the store with a $350 bra because the sales lady will convince me the fitting is of no use if I don’t purchase the super-duper modern, made from a complicated combination of lycra, cotton and space age materials type bra. And then I’ll have to fork over another $500 when I stop at the divorce lawyer I’ll be needing because of the obscene bra purchase.

So I need your help…what’s your bra brand? What works well? And don’t go to the default Victoria’s Secret, or other expensive brand just because it’s expensive…There has to be a decent bra out there that doesn’t cost $40, right? Or maybe not. Clearly I’m in the dark.

Or is this simply my “cheap item?” Everyone has one. One item they simply can’t spend too much money on because it just seems wrong. For instance, one guy I know who is rather wealthy, generous, and not afraid to spend, goes crazy when his wife uses too much duct tape…that’s right, “that stuff’s expensive,” I heard him say with my own ears. My “cheap item,” is def. the bra. I just can’t stand the thought of spending a lot of money on one or four or six.

A little help here. Please.

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  1. Jacqueline Smith at Kmart makes really nice bras.

    Google “How to fit a bra” and do your own measuring. Actually, this isn’t a solitary activity. Have your husband do the measuring while you are wearing your best fitting bra. If you self measure you lose or gain inches. Whatever you do after the measuring is up to you.

    Finally, try on every bra in the store in your size. Some cuts work better than others. For instance, on my body a demi cup works better on me, lined and underwired. Bras with the underwire and the cups set on a slant generally create more cleavage. Again, your husband can help with this process and whatever you do after bra shopping is up to you.

  2. How about duct tape for a bra? Just kidding. Maidenform works for me. Also, now that my chest seems to travel a little further south every year, I’m finding my figure looks better when I wear sports bras.

  3. If I asked hubby to help me measure I think all the groping would making getting an accurate measurement. Any decent department store will measure you too and you’ll get much more variety. I found some nice bras at Target. In fact, I bought an inexpensive strapless there that I like much more than an uber expensive one I bought at Neimans.

  4. Thanks Becky…leave it to the web to have a solution.

    Brooke, duct tape, that was good!

    Jaye, grope factor could skew the numbers…wait a minute…not a bad idea…

    Thanks guys…I’m on the hunt now.

  5. Duct tape?! LOL

    For us wee-chested gals, Playtex makes a delightful and comfortable bra with sizes like “Nearly B” and “Perfectly A” and such. Now, not having really paid attention to your…um…state of endowment, I don’t know if these will work for you or not. But they are ULTRA comfortable (no hard underwires but still supportive) and they FIT! AND….when Kohls puts them on their 70-percent-off rack, you can’t go wrong!!

  6. You know, Susan, the only colors they had on the clearance rack were burgundy and bright purple….so I can’t wear my favorite bras all during the summer months, because they show through! :o|

    I need to get me some new ones VERY SOON. 😉 I may have to splurge and just get a white one!

  7. Thanks everyone! You are the best…like having built in product testers…and afterall I guess that’s what we amount to. As consumers, anyway. Love all the duct tape references…you guys make me laugh.

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