Diamonds, Rubies, Pink Enameled Flower Necklaces…A trip to Henne’s…

but not for me! Bill so sweetly took Beth to Henne Jewelers yesterday and bought her a necklace for her birthday. That’s not until December 24th, but I couldn’t have been happier if he had bought something for me. He had the gift wrapped and it made it all the way home, wrapped and bagged. Then her brother asked what was in the bag and she promptly opened it and showed him. Bill said he told her she wasn’t allowed to open it until her birthday…she’s turning three…like any girl could hold the green little box beribboned with white, and not open it…she’s my daughter for goodness sakes…but it was sweet, very very sweet.

2 thoughts on “Diamonds, Rubies, Pink Enameled Flower Necklaces…A trip to Henne’s…

  1. Well, Bill is showing his true daddy colors now. We’ll just have to forgive that Halloween football game. Henne’s…hmmmm, the boy who tries to “woo” little Bethie will have a heck of a time living up to daddy. Good thing that Jack has already been there and knows where the diamonds are! hehehe

  2. That’s right Mimi, we must train our boys to find the jewelry store with their eyes closed…consider it making the world a more beautiful place.

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