17,171 words…

Play that number, kids.
It might be a winner.
I got an email from the National Novel Writing Month boys today. Everyone who is doing it, got one. It was interesting. A pep-talk that outlined the way the first week of NaNoWriMo everyone’s walking on air, belting out more words than they could have ever imagined.
This week is supposed to be the downer, hit the wall week.
Next week promises to be the “your plot will begin to reveal itself if you’re one of the jackasses who writes without a solid plan.” (I’m paraphrasing and embellishing the pep talk, right there…don’t quote the NaNoWriMo boys on the word jackass–this is just the gist)

Anyway. What a great idea this whole thing is. As long as you’re willing to revise when all is said and done. If you’re one of those perfectionist one draft wonders, then I doubt this is for you.

For all of you who are open to revision but still can’t imagine finding 50,000 words to write in such a short amount of time…I say…they’re there waiting to be written…
Next year, just do it. (Thank you Nike)

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