I’ve been gone so long…

Oh my gosh, I miss my blog and I hope I haven’t turned away any of the readers I have come to know and love….but Beth was admitted to the hospital because she stuck a bead up her nose.

And it got lost somewhere in her body. They weren’t sure where it was so she had what amounts to surgery to make sure the bead wasn’t in her lungs. It wasn’t.

This was good, but boy it made for a long thirty six hours and all the recovery time.

No sleep on those crazy cots in the hospital. But she was a trooper. I hate to compare my kids and would be horrified to know that I’m pigeon-holing them, but if it had been Jake in the hospital, I might be dead from stress alone. Beth is so easy going it’s almost sick…she is so easily calmed. Jake is not…no matter what the situation…believe me, he has his great points without a doubt, but easily being soothed is not one of them….anyway all is well, now.

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