Halloween is coming….

And I can’t stand it. I’ve never liked this holiday. Except maybe when I was ten and my best friend Julia and I dressed as an ugly old couple…I remember making those costumes was fun.

But once I got to the age where dressing up for Halloween meant dressing,–or barely dressing, like a cheerleader, a nurse, a sixties chick–I decided I hated the pressure of it all. And I had a good body at the time, I promise that’s true, but no matter what the “costume,” was supposed to be, I ended up looking like a hooker of some sort.

No gasping. I know all you chicks did it too. At least once. And it’s still going on.

One of my roommates from college hated Halloween more than me. Her much older siblings had dressed her as a Conehead, just slightly before EVERYONE knew what they were and the reaction as they went door to door, scarred her for life. She never did the hooker chick thing.

In recent years, we’ve been invited to a Halloween party by the nicest couple in the world. They love Halloween, have contests and really go all out…but my husband and I either skip the party or have arrived after the Pitt game dressed as Pitt fans…They must secretly hate us…

This year, we might go. And I’ve actually thought of a kick-ass costume. Kirsti Alley –Mid Jennie Craig–weight loss…Yes that’s right I’ve been going to Jennie Craig and it does work, I have to say. But I’m thinking I could emulate one of the horrible outfits she was photographed in and carry around a box of Jennie cuisine…I’ll top it off with a “Hello, my name is Kirsti” name tag. That’s it. Sound good?

9 thoughts on “Halloween is coming….

  1. Kathie-
    You’re a nut. However, you are a nut with a nice new “hairdo.” Kirstie still can’t see beyond her bangs. So, you’ll have to find a wig that is as long as the hair you just cut off!!!!!hehehehe

  2. I am ashamed to admit I spent two Halloweens during my teenage years dressed in less than appropriate attire — apparently my parents didn’t mind (too much). One year it was a sexy witch outfit with a dress that barely covered my butt, fishnets and garter; another year my friend and I went as Kinky and Sleazy — hookers in outfits that resembled Lady Marmalade ensembles (or the sexy witch, sans hat). What can I say? Got no action then, and I get no action now dressed in sweats or jeans. Can’t wait to see pics of the Kirstie costume.

  3. We haven’t been able to go to Al and Joanna’s party for about 3 years…come to think of it, I do recall you and Bill dressing as Pitt fans. I have always loved Halloween. Problem is that, according to my husband, I always think of costumes that are much too obscure…and that only I would really find amusing. For example, the last Halloween party we went to, Brian and I were in Goodwill trying to find some stuff to wear and he tried on this winter jacket and I was in tears laughing…he looked just like Shneider on One Day at a Time (the jacket was a near exact replica…don’t know why I’d remember that, but I did). All he needed to do was grease back his hair and wear the Shneider jacket and that’d be it. He was cracking up too, but ultimately decided that no one would really know who he was trying to be. I’m still hanging on to about 8 panels of green and white floral drapes that I bought at a garage sale for the sole purpose of sewing them into frocks and liederhosen and getting 5 or 6 people to go as the Von Trapp kids…if you and Bill are interested, you could be Liesel and Friedrick!!

  4. thanks susan, everyone has done the slutty thing at least once…why? we need a guest therapist to explain that one, I’m sure…LIsa, I think everyone would have gotten the schnieder thing, or at least identified him as a slimy character…of course I love the curtain thing. why don’t you just whip those up before the 31st. You have time, right?

  5. Hello fellow Kathie blog followers-

    I thought that I would share a funny anecdote about Halloween. I also do not like to dress up…. However, my mother in law bought me something for this holiday……any guesses??? Come on….what would a mother in law buy her only daughter in law, that lives in the same city, for halloween??
    Now, that’s funny.

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