Coffee with the Mob

Hey there fellow housespouses and houseparents….I’ve been a bad blogger, for sure…but I’m here now.

Sitting in a coffee house that has long been said to be a hangout for the mob. Funny because everytime I’ve been in here its been stuffed full of stuffy professors and ass-kissing ph.d. students.

But lo and behold, today, I’m here, blogging away and what do I hear? A conversation between a writer and two mobsters!! Now that’s a conversation…Bored housewife was blogging about not being able to find a conversation to overhear for a class assignment…well this one would do just fine.

I don’t want to put my life in peril, but I heard the words “break his femur in three,” “the hit from hell,” and “a murder the pope himself might sanction!” Let’s hope the owners aren’t reading this….if I die, you know where to look first…hehehe. I feel very stealth, housewife, sitting here in red V-neck, black velour long skirt, skinny flats and beijo bag…as harmless a picture as can be…yet…I’m listening.

Enough of this crap…I have a Halloween Post to do.

3 thoughts on “Coffee with the Mob

  1. Well, I didn’t see Analyze This, but they were def. along the lines of the crew on the Sopranos…Goodfellas too without good lookin Ray Liotta

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