Hurricane Katrina Rages on…

Quietly though… as you can see by the example below. I read this in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and this and a group of other letters were culled from

William Rhodes wrote, “We had worked and paid our house notes; the property next door we bought as income property for our old age. Now, I’m 60, and because I had no insurance, I Have NOTHING to pass on to my children except the knowledge of “How to Unclog Sewer and Drains.” Oh, Lord Jesus Christ, will you please keep us from being homeless; or if it is Your Will, take me from this world, so at least my wife will have my $30,000 life insurance, and maybe they can use that as a down payment for a little home they can call their own. I feel so sad.”

It is stunning to think that there are roughly a million people displaced and destroyed, yet they’re already fading into the background of our minds. I am so glad this (and other excerpts) was in the paper this morning. To have nothing, in the sense that this man has nothing, is simply unfathomable on an emotional level. I feel sad. This guy’s devastated and from where I’m sitting, broken. But who am I to think he must feel worse than simply “sad.” I’m sitting in my kitchen, sipping coffee from my favorite mug while Beth and Jake play dinosaurs…there is nothing for me to do beyond giving money and for that I feel disgusting.

5 thoughts on “Hurricane Katrina Rages on…

  1. I’m guessing that you’re from in or around Pittsburgh? That makes me like your blog even more. 🙂 I live about 20 miles East of the city. It’s great to see another Pittsburgh blogging mom. Keep it up!

  2. Kathie,

    The fact that you ARE thinking about it and having such strong feelings says alot about your character. You are doing what you can by giving and remembering.

  3. The whole thing is positively staggering. They were calling for volunteers from my workplace to go-doctors, nurses, etc. I didn’t qualify as useful, and further, I would probably end up in the hospital myself what with the brutal heat there. It did make me feel useless.

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