Full Nudity Not Required

Just to clarify the contest posted below–the people in your story do not have to be totally nude…Jill and Mimi are off to a good start folks. Don’t miss out!


3 thoughts on “Full Nudity Not Required

  1. Kathie, I just thought I’d say — that’s a funny title for a post! LOL Imagine someone coming in and reading that and not understanding what you’re referring to. 😉

    I want you to know that I love your blog lay-out. Who designed it for you? I would like to do a similar type of design — a stationary background pattern with a scrolling middle box. Except I’m not sure that Blogger will support it. In fact, I have no idea what I’m doing at all!

    Anyway, yours looks great. Very easy on the eyes!

  2. Have to agree with you there, Jill. I too had read the “Full Nudity Not Required” before reading that it had related to the contest. My first thought was that it somehow related to the state of dress (or undress) needed to read the post (okay, stupid thought, but it crossed my mind). There are some great stories posted!

  3. Thanks Lisa and Jill, well, the title got everyone’s attention at least, but yes, I have looked at a few google searches that have resulted in people stopping by this site for two whole seconds and found that what they were searching for was a lot more risque (sp?) than what they found at housewife cafe…

    Jill, go to the bottom of my blog and there’s a link for bigbigdesign, they did my site…Cindy the owner is also one of my writing guru’s at fatplum.com…she’s multi talented to say the least, and very easy to work with. You could contact her or let me know and I’ll do it for you….glad you like the site, she’ll be thrilled to hear.

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